To hear the music

in a cave
deep under ground
where no light or sound
can reach
he closed his eyes and listened
to his music

it was perfect
with little shards of pain
gently nursed
by clarity and happiness
it was perfect

he listened to each instrument
and felt their empathy
he felt their understanding
and he was completely happy

at his desk
where sound was but a nuisance
he sat and wrote his music
music that no one knew
and he wrote to all the instruments
so they could hear
his music

and he waited
he waited

he took his place
amongst the audience
the random sound of instruments
the tense anticipation
and then the silence
the holding of breath
and suddenly

his music sounded
loud and clear
for everyone to hear
and he was perfectly happy

A core of beauty

a looming lump of mottled marble
its rugged surface
dirty and grey

he stood and stared
and in his mind saw beauty

his instinct urged him
to attack
to destroy
to possess
and he wielded his tools
in seemingly frenzied aggression

but slowly
a gentle form emerged
he revealed the subtle textures
he laid bare the silky smoothness
and slowly
he penetrated the core of beauty
of the stone

his instinct urged him
to love
to protect
to caress
and he touched the stone
and infused it with life