Frozen in time

the wind has stopped
the air is still
there is
not a single sound

the sun
on its way down
at the end of a
long hot day
has stalled
behind some scattered clouds
clouds that no longer

the fields
the trees
are frozen in time
all wildlife
is in hiding

no one knows
what’s happened
no one


Let it burn

he gift wraps his fears

his arms stretched out
in front of him
he carries them
treading gently
with short and
shallow breath

careful not to break them
he lowers them onto
the altar of his love

it is a meagre offering
but please
let it burn with
cleansing flames and a
proud pillar
of smoke


it is a calm wave
a small rise in
the level of the sea

it travels
at a gentle pace
towards a beach
where it covers the sand
and disappears
without a sound

as if by magic
a small bird
its slender beak
poking around
for food

its feet leave a trail
sharp imprints in the sand
the trail is washed away
without a sound

The surf sings

a chilling
spine shivering silence
covers all sounds
like frost

unable to hear where he is
he strains his eyes
he tries to see
but there is mist

unable to see where he is
he stretches out his hands
hoping to touch
something, someone
but there is nothing
nothing at all

carefully placing his feet
he starts to walk
he walks on sand
he wades through silent surf

and suddenly
looking up into the sky
he hears the lone cry
of a lone bird
and he stops
and the mist lifts
the early sun
shimmers on the sand
and the surf
resumes her song


one single leaf
is all
that she has left

its skin
a flaming red and gold
jubilant memory of

its voice
a fragile whisper
remaining trace
of a rustling dance
in the breeze

this single leaf
is resting
without weight
on the palm of her hand

she coops her hands
protects it from the wind

and she listens
she listens till
the whispering voice has
faded into silence

she opens her hands and
the gold has disappeared
the leaf has ceased to exist
and dust is all that’s left

as if presenting an offering
she raises her hands to her mouth
and blows

and gradually
the memory of
the jubilant summer
fills her heart


my love
must we face the
cruel agony of parting

my love
if we have always known
our paths run side by side
for a while

my love
if the day to
say goodbye
has always been
our destiny

and now you’re gone

no drum-roll
no majestic moment
just a shimmer of a smile
and now
my love
you’re gone

and your legacy feels
like a void
like I am left alone
and nothing can replace you

but slowly
my love
that void is being filled
with memories
with happiness
and I know
you’ve never left


A gentle little autumn shower

a flock of friendly little clouds
each carrying a minimum of rain
basked in early morning light
and scattered it around

a breeze
a whisper really
tickled the leaves
on the trees
gold-glowing leaves
in the gold morning light

a single leaf took leave
of its tree
it leisurely drifted down on the breeze
till it came to rest
in rippling rings of water

a barely visible blanket of mist
rose from the lake
shrouding the golden leaf
and its rippling reflection

and one by one
friendly little droplets of rain
added countless silent rippling rings
to the misty surface
of the lake

To hear the music

in a cave
deep under ground
where no light or sound
can reach
he closed his eyes and listened
to his music

it was perfect
with little shards of pain
gently nursed
by clarity and happiness
it was perfect

he listened to each instrument
and felt their empathy
he felt their understanding
and he was completely happy

at his desk
where sound was but a nuisance
he sat and wrote his music
music that no one knew
and he wrote to all the instruments
so they could hear
his music

and he waited
he waited

he took his place
amongst the audience
the random sound of instruments
the tense anticipation
and then the silence
the holding of breath
and suddenly

his music sounded
loud and clear
for everyone to hear
and he was perfectly happy